Recent Projects

Why, Fire 2018

Ceramic, Woven Fabric

 As the blank wall blends,
the effort of time only barely reveals its beauty.

IMG_20180403_092021 copy.jpg

Lorem Ipsum 2017

Ceramic, Screenprint, Video

 In this triptych of absurdity, Lorem Ipsum questions the role of the fine artist and the modes of meaning and exhibition. Through subtle inquisitions, the three parts each represent one part of the story.

The object: Making without meaning, Lorem Ipsum.
The text: Meaning, without making, Lorem Ipsum.
The time: Neither meaning nor making. (Timelapse of firing an empty kiln).


Articulating Time and Space 2, 2017

3 Channel Video Installation

Inspired by the reading Dimensionless Space as Eternal Silence, which talks about the Now as a discreet, dimensionless point. Every moment independent from the other in the fact that there are many things that don’t carry into the future and can only be experiences in the Now. As such, this project explores this idea of the present as a discreet moment through a series of videos that create an experiential, enclosed and enveloping environment. However, beyond the present, the videos are also created by images of the past, moments of looking, moments of observation.

Extrapolating an earlier concept of inside/outside space, this project positions the audience on the inside, attempting to look “outside”. But by obstructing the ability to observe the external, the work turns the focus back onto the self through meditative elements, suggesting that both looking outwards and inwards might be a more similar action than we realise. Overall, this project experiments with the experience of time and space that happens within the “space” of our consciousness.


Oiseaux dans Montrose, 2016

Live Arrangement/Translation
Composer: Olivier Messiaen

Landscapes evoke feelings, memories and emotions, and Art and Music often seek to reproduce these experiences to their audience. 20th century composer Olivier Messiaen transcribed bird songs for instruments and created soundscapes that combined these bird calls into a unique aural experience.

Looking at Montrose Bird Point Sanctuary as my site, I began to explore the idea of recreating the experience at Montrose beach, as well as alluding to it’s purpose as a bird habitat. Thus, using pieces of Olivier Messiaen’s musical transcriptions of birds that can be found in Montrose, I created a system the produces live music compositions.

A computer terminal placed in any location runs a Processing script that detects the mic input and uploads the data onto a web server. The arduino, in the gallery space uses a GSM connection to download the data and play the correlating Messiaen piece on the speaker, creating a musical soundscape of Montrose Beach.

Live composition recording.


Computer terminal running processing script, receiving live sound data and uploading values to the cloud.


Arduino downloading cloud data and playing correlating tracks through the speakers.