Glaze Recipes

Glaze Recipes

This is a collection of glaze recipes that I have tested, modified and  Some of them are failed attempts at creating a desired glaze, but still ended up being an awesome recipe. All are welcome to use them, with credit and acknowledgement of the glazes used. I am excited to see where they end up. Share your work by tagging me @ceramicsclimbingcatastrophe on instagram!


C3 Celadon B/Jun's A+++++ Celadon (Cone 6 Reduction)

A Blue/Green Celadon, this glaze reacts strongly to the iron present in the clay body. White porcelains and stoneware with low iron content result in a strong blue. Higher iron porcelains produce a green or blue/green hue. For a nice bright blue, reduce iron to 1 percent. Pools in crevices and textured areas.

Nepheline Syenite 10
Minspar 20
Strontium Carbonate 5
Whiting 20
Gerstley Borate 5
Grolleg 5
Silica 26

Tin Oxide 1
Red Iron Oxide 2

C3 Celadon A (Cone 6 Reduction)

A strong glaze surface, this celadon reacts strongly to the iron present in the clay body, producing a wide variety of greens.

This is based off a Korean Celadon Cone 10 Recipe. I began by working the recipe to cone 6 and modifying the colourants to produce a nice deep green/grey colour on red stoneware.

Nepheline Syenite 21.8
Whiting 21.8
EPK 7.3
Silica 21.8
OM4 21.8
Strontium 5.3
= 99.8

Tin Oxide 1.0
Red Iron Oxide 0.3
Bentonite 2.0

External Glaze: Rutile Blue/White

External Glaze: Rutile Blue/White

C3 Rutile Blue/White (Cone 6 Oxidation)

Without albany slip in the glaze, the rutile only turns blue/purple on a red clay body, streaking white in thicker areas. On a porcelain clay, it streaks titanium white. Runs and pools in crevices. Colour does not appear in reduction firing.

Custer Feldspar 10
Nepheline Syenite 20
Gerstley Borate 10
Silica 30
OM4 Ball Clay 15
Whiting 20

Rutile 4

Inner Glaze and Rim: Zircon Liner Glaze

Inner Glaze and Rim: Zircon Liner Glaze

C3 Zircon Liner Glaze  (Cone 6 Reduction/Oxidation)

A strong glossy white good for lining dinnerware.

Nepheline Syenite 30
Whiting 20
Silica 30
OM4 10
Strontium 5

Zircopax 5

*Disclaimer: If the recipes seem very similar to existing ones made by others, I apologize. However, these are definitely works that I have developed through numerous testing and glaze chemistry knowledge.